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Wreckless Harbour is a band based in Hamilton, Canada. The band’s sound is inspired by East Coast folk music and indie alternative rock.

The band’s formation began in the summer of 2021 with the meeting of Trevor Roach (vocals/banjo/guitar/mandolin), Lawren Helder (vocals/guitar/banjo), and Jon Harley (vocals/violin/guitar/mandolin) at a socially-distanced open mic event hosted by Fort Elgin – a community group local to Hamilton known for hosting musical events in the city. After the event, Trevor led an open jam session where he was joined by Lawr and Jon. Inspired by having met Lawr and Jon, Trevor wrote “Step Lightly” later that evening which became the first song for the newfound ensemble – aptly labelled as the ‘no name folk band’ for the time being.

Wreckless Harbour was born shortly afterwards with the recruitment of Mark Korczynski (vocals/bass/guitar/mandolin). The band started gigging locally in Hamilton at open mics performing a combination of covers and original songs. By the summer of 2022, the band had compiled a setlist of original songs and made their debut performance at the Dundas Cactus Festival. Since then, Wreckless Harbour has been performing regularly in Hamilton and its surrounding areas. 

The band is now working with producer Steven Branchaud of Canary Minor Music to record their debut singles intended for release later in 2023.

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