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Toronto based producer/instrumentalist TOMPA sits in the front seat for the first time as the artist and creative narrator to his cinematic, EP "01". Released in May 2021 and licensed under Silverstein’s label NSEW, his debut EP contains both an audible and visual experience that pressed past every fibre of TOMPA’s creative limits. Musings of destruction and rebirth were fruitful themes for inspiration throughout, having been written over the course of the global pandemic. The socially distant void in place allowed him to pursue his art in its purest form, literally calling it “what the inside of my brain sounds like”.

Having over 20+ years experience as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, TOMPA is a well credited producer and songwriter with Adelaine Morin, Alex Porat, Cindë, ROMAN, Street Pharmacy, Esteban Andres. He is also a longtime global touring musician for Silverstein on keys, strings, and guitar. For a list of full credits, click here.

Amalgamating his talents with some of the acts mentioned and other songwriters, videographers, directors, etc., TOMPA created an organized chaos in the layers and textures with synths, strings, and the vulnerabilities of every poetic sentiment sung by him and all his collaborators. TOMPA cinematically contextualizes his creativity on this debut EP, with more releases weekly throughout summer/fall 2021.

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