Sonny Bean

  • Drawing
  • Illustrations
  • Installations
  • Interactive
  • Multimedia
  • Storytelling

As a queer NB person, my work is interested in challenging systemic violence & power dynamics, touching on themes of social, environmental and disability justice.  I am often queerying how certain systems, such as capitalism, colonization and cis-heteronormativity,  impact us, and how we engage with each other and ourselves.


In my work, I create playful colorful images with multiple layers to form a whole.  I often then use these layers to create a type of GIF. The layering and movement of images speaks to the intersections & complexities of our communities and identities; The things we see and don’t see; What we show and hide, how we are connected and overlap into each other to create the whole.


My work is playful, with movement and color and lines that hope to embrace messiness and the mistakes and the messiness of mistakes. Something which seems only allowed in play, or childhood.


I am interested in the exploration of understanding myself both individually and within the community. It allows me to challenge how larger power systems define our viewpoint, choices and access.  And more individually, the play between seen and missed, speaks to different parts of us, the stories we hold in our bodies, the stories we let go of, the stories we choose to show, and the parts we keep hidden, or try to.

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