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Hamilton Arts CouncilMy name is Shakila Muhibi,(b.1993) . I am a Living Rock Alumni. and I have submitted my art to the arts of august since 2017. I am a self-taught artist living in Hamilton, Canada. I would like to describe my art to be realistic. My main style of painting is portrait and landscape expressionist. I became interested in painting during  sixth grade,  when I felt my worldview changing .During that time, the process of creative painting provided me with practice healing and self-love. I came to learn that creating art work represented a passage for me  to connect and let out my deepest emotions. I truly believe that art has the power to share a story within each person’s life; it touches the parts of us that cannot be reached with words. My goal is to create pieces that promote the importance of engaging in self-compassion and creativity.
I paint for the joy of the creative process; it is my emotional outlet and place of peace. For me, the process of painting is an attachment to fulfill a goal a person may want to express in a piece of art. I feel successful when my paintings make my viewers feel something deep within. My art has been displayed on various sized canvases and prints with rich acrylic colors and has been shown in multiple art exhibitions within my local community. I hope that my painting will express a story of your own and be as meaningful as it is to me for you.
Following the devastating news of the Taliban's attack on Kabul, Afghanistan, I have started to sell my art  to raise funds for emergency support for displaced families in Afghanistan. Through the pain and uncertainty of my own friends and family being in immediate danger I have continued to make art pieces to bring awareness to the pain and suffering women and children are experiencing under the Taliban's persecution. I have printed these works of art onto T-shirts to raise funds and awareness for what is happening. I would be glad to share my story with you and listening audience. Please

158 Templemead Drive Hamilton Ontario

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