Rivers & Meadows Art and Music Exploration


We are Rivers & Meadows a place for creative exploration for all ages. We introduce art, music and crafting workshops for children and adults.

This dynamic duo consists of Heather Harrison and Chelsey O'Callaghan, two inspired moms who can’t wait to spread colour and music to the east end of Hamilton, Ontario.

Our mission is to nurture and ignite creative expressions in a neutral space with us as your guide.

Our vision for children’s events is to introduce loosely structured classes that are based on experiential learning and will cover everything from singalongs, enchanted story time, and an art craft created by your little.

To accompany your experience you will receive high res digital copies your child proudly displaying their new art as a forever keepsake by O’Callaghan Photo which is sent at the end of every term via private gallery.

For adults we wish to provide opportunities to explore your creative side - whether you are someone who tries to find creativity in your everyday life or you left it behind in grade school. We could all use an escape from the mundane of every day life to focus on fun!

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