Rachel Kienitz

  • Collage
  • Contemporary
  • Design
  • Drawing
  • Experimental
  • Fine art
  • Memoir
  • Mixed Media
  • Modern
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Storytelling
  • Textiles

After losing her mom to cancer at the age of 21, Rachel set out on a spiritual and artistic journey to uncover and heal the parts of herself that she was suppressing. Through the creation process, she was able to move through and alchemize the grief and trauma that she had been carrying for almost a decade, allowing her to return to her childlike nature and whimsical way of viewing the world.

Rachel is incredibly fascinated by whatever emotions and sensations arise during the act of creation. Nothing is considered "good" or "bad" - whatever surfaces during art-making is allowed and given a space / voice. For her it's not about the destination; the journey is what keeps her engaged and the end result is one that is deeply layered, free-spirited and instinctual.

Rachel's work is heavily inspired by her environment. She is a process-based, mixed media artist and will incorporate found items into her work - old papers, magazines, fabric and even what some may consider "garbage" have all made an appearance in her paintings. Texture, colour, movement and music are important elements for her creation process. She is constantly finding new ways to engage the five senses and express themselves through her medium.

Rachel graduated from Interior Design at Sheridan College and previously worked as a Set Decorator in the Toronto film industry. She has been making and selling her work full-time since 2018 and her artwork is in the private collection of homes around the world. Her paintings have appeared in Disney, Netflix and Prime Video productions. Rachel works out of her studio located in The Cotton Factory in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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