Pamela Blackwood Marques

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  • Chamber music
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  • Classical
  • Contemporary
  • Design
  • Drama
  • Embroidery
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Film and TV
  • Folk
  • Gospel
  • Lyrical
  • Musical
  • Musical Theatre
  • Opera
  • Performance Art
  • Play
  • Play Writing
  • Poetry
  • Subgenres of Opera
  • Textiles
  • Voice Acting
  • World Music

I am a costume designer with experience ranging from theatre, film, opera, festivals, and private functions.  My designs are unique and original.  When creating for theatre, opera and film, I rely on information about the era, character development and the directors colour choices.  I will not view a previous production as I want my ideas and costuming to be fresh and original.  When I create new pieces I do not use patterns.  I free hand cut the material and hand sew all garments.                  I have years of experience both on stage and off working as a paid designer for many theatre groups such as: Drury Lane "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", which I received a costuming award; Hamilton Theatre Inc "Broadway Dreamers"; Koogle Theatre; Hammer Entertainment; and many more.  As community involvment I also was Costuming Mentor to the students at HWDSB Glendale For The Performing Arts Audition based program from 2012-2019, which allowed my creations for "Midsummer Nights Dream" to appear on the big stage Hamilton Place with the H.P.O. in April of 2017 and my costumes for "As You Lile It" to appear in Stratford. My film experience for the last 5 years has given me abilty to specialize in period costuming working with multiple production companies.  To name a few: Razamatazz of Reel; Kalkaden Productions; Backlash Pictures; Breathe Entertainment; a number of independant film makers, David Fernandes, Bo Tanis, Becca Willow Moss, Reeth Mazumder-Roberts. (references available upon request) Summer of 2022 I produced, costumed, performed, and provided location for a production of Midsummer Nights Dream in my backyard with a sold out audience for every performance. I run OUTofthe ATTIC Costume Design and Rental please check out my page on facebook




114 Herkimer Street Hamilton Ontario L8P 2G7

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