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We are Monday Press, a collective of writers, artists, designers, and book nerds with a mission to create exciting literary events within the Hamilton community. Through nurturing under-represented and emerging literary talent, we have created a successful platform that fosters dynamism between local writers, which provides them with the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

Monday press began as an unconventional book club. While weekly gatherings offered an open space for locals to bond, share and read together, the immediate interest brought to light a need for accessible creative outlets within the city. As such, we decided to establish ourselves as an arts incubator that hosts free poetry pop-ups within repurposed communal spaces.

For now, our existence lends itself to these small businesses, which is something we feel is crucial to encouraging a diverse and well-integrated community. Through the usage of various laundromats, coffeeshops, and other local storefronts, we are expanding into an exciting and innovative avenue for the arts community. By continuing to host literary events and publishing amateur authors, we hope to further entrench ourselves as a home for writers and become a permanent fixture within the Hamilton arts community.

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