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Megan English is a dancer/choreographer and psychotherapist based in Hamilton. She works within the tradition of contemporary dance investigating the application of movement to distinct processes. Megan has performed the works of diverse dance artists both in Canada and the UK, including The Kiss by Tino Sehgal.

Megan’s choreography has been presented at Dance Matters (Toronto), St Andrews Performing Arts Festival (New Brunswick), Dusk Dances (Hamilton), Frost Bites (Hamilton), Hamilton Fringe Festival, Zula Presents Something Else Festival (Hamilton) and Aeris Körper's PROSPECTS (Hamilton). Notable choreographies include The Nell Shipman Project (supported by the Toronto Arts Council) and This Dance is Mic’d, both developed in residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point.

In 2016, Megan developed a dance work for medical ethicist/dancer Andrea Frolic of Hamilton Health Sciences. She has created numerous performances in collaboration with musician Dale Morningstar of the Dinner Is Ruined. Her work Second Wind (2018) was supported by the Hamilton City Enrichment Fund. Megan recently collaborated with Donna Akrey and Joe Sorbara on Transistor, a sound/bike performance and was commissioned by Aeris Körper Contemporary Dance to create ‘It Happens in the Body’ for Prospects 2021. She developed an improvisation process for performance with dancer Jessica Houghton and musician Doug Tielli. (REAson d'etre dance productions)

Megan is an artist facilitator with Dreamwalker Dance Company (Toronto) and a Past President of the Dance Movement Therapy Association in Canada.

Artistic Statement:

My ideas around making dance are informed by improvisation, embodied practices, performance art and collaborations with artists working in other forms. I am concerned with finding movement in the natural athletic and emotional expression of the body rather than crafting movement from a specific style or technique. My process begins from diverse sources, always with the intent to understand more about an aspect of the human experience. I’m interested in dances that become environments where the performers have opportunities to respond and make choices that impact the trajectory of the performance experience for themselves and the audience.

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