Mayumi Lashbrook

  • Contemporary
  • Modern dance
  • Movement Based Theatre
  • Performance Art

I am a Japanese Canadian settler who seeks to expose, challenge, and rectify systems of oppression by creating innovative, introspective and inclusive dance theatre. I see embodiment as at the crux of world making, providing alternatives to unconscious thought and oppression. My primary practices span performance, choreography, production and education. I am the Artistic Director of Hamilton based Aeris Körper, working in Hamilton for over ten years with the primary goal of developing and expanding the dance sector's prominence in Hamilton. I am the mentee of Denise Fujiwara of Fujiwara Dance Inventions, practitioner of Dreamwalker Dance’s Conscious Bodies methodology and series curator for the Hamilton Arts Council's hArt Dance Film Series since 2023. I have choreographed for Dusk Dances, Guelph Dance, CanAsian Dance and self produced a bi-city presentation of her work Enemy Lines. 

I strive to increase connection, visibility and diversity in the Canadian arts landscape through on and off stage initiatives. I contribute as a creative voice through both choreography and production of healthy ecologies for dance to be made in. My different roles are all-encompassing and overlapping. This enables me to approach projects and communities with knowledge, openness, and curiosity.

My choreographic values lie in:

-Introspection: mindfully exploring and questioning oneself

-Presence: living the truth of the moment

-Transformation: inviting evolution and change

-Relationship: finding threads of commonality and connection leading to empathy and understanding

My study has been primarily in Western post modern dance forms until 2021 when I began studying Butoh, a Japanese dance form. The pluralities of my mixed race experience mirror the opposition of these dance forms. I thread several answers to one question together to look at the many unique facets and intersections of the human experience. The layering of experience exposes the proximity between one person’s experience to another. I utilize symbolism as a means to question associations, assumptions and internalized biases. 

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