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Mariana Suzuki, an ex-evangelical pansexual non-binary woman, is the vibrant fusion of their Brazilian, Japanese, and Italian heritage—a true cultural kaleidoscope. With roots deeply embedded in Latinx vibrancy and East Asian allure, Mariana brings a unique, spicy blend to any story.

Backed up by a Bachelor's degree in Film Studies from the prestigious University of São Paulo, Mariana's journey into storytelling took an international turn. Her quest led her to Vancouver Film School, where she honed her craft in writing, enhancing skills for an impactful career.

Mariana's creativity extends beyond traditional storytelling. As the visionary mind behind the HBO Max series "My Magic Closet," she has redefined boundaries by introducing the first-ever K-drama-inspired Brazilian series. As the Assistant International Producer, Mariana has skillfully navigated cultural nuances, weaving a tapestry that transcends borders and captivates audiences globally.

A scriptwriter with a keen eye on global tendencies, Mariana has dedicated the last four years to the art of storytelling. Their journey has been marked by more than three years of experience in writers' rooms, contributing to feature films, streaming series, and narrative-driven games. Their expertise lies in horror and teen soap genres.

Mariana Suzuki is not just a storyteller but a trailblazer, pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling and challenging the status quo. With a commitment to authenticity and a passion for inclusivity, she continues to defy the entertainment landscape, leaving a mark on the industry. As a proud representative of diversity and innovation, Mariana is set to inspire and influence future generations.

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