Lor Lacambra

  • Contemporary
  • Experimental
  • Modern
  • Performance Art
  • Poetry
  • Spoken Word
  • Storytelling

I am  a queer, gender-non-conforming, neurodivergent, FilipinX, working as an interdisciplinary artist; currently focusing my career on somatic performance and choreography. My practice is informed by the impacts and privileges of my lived experience and our shared responsibility to contribute to collective liberation. My practice is anchored in decolonial embodied healing, exploring belonging and relating. I aim to inspire folks who’ve been made to be marginalized on their journey of self-love through embodied experiencing.

As a free-form somatic dancer, I source inspiration from contemporary and modern dance. However, I ultimately find my musings within the rhythms and reflections of the natural elements. I approach dance as an avenue for healing and healing as a catalyst for creation. I intimately explore of the interconnectedness between suffering and liberation through movement and spoken poetry. I craft pieces by holding an inquiry, unraveling messages of the body by giving shape and voice to internalized processes, releasing and expanding in capacity to be with duality and restore wholeness.

With a short film, I aim to convey that our vulnerability is a necessity to envision a regenerative future. I hope to highlight our capacity and resiliency to heal, underlining our interconnection as a global community.

Furthermore, as a writer, creative facilitator and doula, I strive to bring awareness, compassion and radical presence to the vulnerability of each of our experiences, amplifying and empowering the voices of the oppressed and creating opportunities of deeper connection to self, other and the natural world.


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