Lisa D. Hickey

  • Fine art
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting

I've been following this dream my whole life, and have been working as a full-time artist for over a decade. My paintings hang in private and collections in Canada, the US, Europe and Australia.  When I'm not in the woods with my dog, I regularly shows in galleries, art fairs and other community spaces.  Born and raised in Hamilton, I studied Fine Art at McMaster University for a 4 year undergrad, before heading to Vancouver to pursue a Masters at UBC.  I've only recently moved back to Hamilton after living away for 20 years.  I'm very honoured and excited to be part of Hamilton's own Social Space, a new pop-up art event happening this spring.

I make paintings that are luminous explorations of light, texture and movement in nature. I work in oil to translate the sensory-rich experience of wandering through the woods, looking up through the leaves. A kaleidoscope view that treads a wobbly line between abstraction and reality, my paintings are windows into a way of seeing with wonder. I seek to stop you in your tracks with my work, to offer a pause, and a moment of rest/imagination in this hectic world.

I paint a la prima using oil paint for its rich, velvety character.  Using natural bristle brushes, the thick, buttery paint holds every mark and creates a luxurious finish that resonates with intense colour and texture.  I lay down brushstrokes to capture the dappling of light through leaves and branches. I works quickly to convey a fleeting moment and do not revisit the mark once it has been made. My process is immediate and full of energy.  I seek to create paintings that have a minimal impact on out natural environment that I so wish to depict.  In an effort to move away from plastic mediums, I switched from acrylics to mainly oil paint.  I love how natural linseed (flax) and walnut oil cure to create a glowing resin, and I avoid paint thinners and other harsh chemicals. I haven't "washed" a brush since moving to oil, and am constantly learning about new and creative ways to make my practice more environmentally responsible. 


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