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Krystle Marriott is a local, Hamilton-based artist who has been developing works on the theme of childlike faith for several years. She aims to produce work that will remind the viewer of the importance of cultivating a childlike posture toward God, themselves and others. Krystle’s captures the magnificent joy of the heart of children in her work and depicts them in images of humility, happiness, acceptance, boldness and love. These are the attributes that inform the attitude of childlike faith.


As a faith-based artist, Krystle has herself rediscovered her childlike faith through creativity and learning to embrace fun and innocence. She draws her audience into the freedom that comes when they learn to embrace their mistakes and find joy in the messiness of life. Krystle’s works primarily make up her “Faith Like a Child” series in which she uses acrylic medium and, in some cases, mixed media to capture the heart of a child as well as  the heart of her audience. Krystle’s believes wholeheartedly that we are all masterpieces created by God, (the ultimate artist) to accomplish great things. Having faith like a child helps us to do this. 

Krystle's vision is to "revive the child within, by awakening the artist within". She does this through her artwork and paint events as a way to help others heal their inner child so that they can be more joyful and creative in their day to day lives.


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