Julie Fazooli

FAZOOLI / fah-zoo-lee / noun. One who is full of beans.

Hatched from an egg in the heart of Paris, France in 1979, I am currently functioning as a multi-dimensional creative, currently based out of Hamilton, Ontario.

I’ve been heavily involved in the Arts & Entertainment industry in Canada since 1995, focusing mainly on the roles of Event Coordinator, Graphic Designer, Media Producer, Art Director, Production Coordinator, as well as being a Visual Artist and Photographer. I’ve developed a large body of work over the course of the years, while honing my artistic practice in various categories and productions, all of which has become so extensive, that I can’t possibly list every production on this website. My passion for community over competition has led me to collaborate with many other creatives and businesses from all walks of life as I continuously strive to bring a compelling sense of joy and togetherness throughout my work.

Life's too short to stick to one thing - so I do what I love and I'll do it to death.

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