Jacqui Oakley

  • Drawing
  • Illustrations
  • Jazz
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Swing

Jacqui Oakley is a visual artist raised in Bahrain, England, Zambia, and Libya, and now living in Hamilton, Ontario.

Oakley’s work makes visual connections between patterns, shapes and colours found in our surroundings, cultures, and in our present and past experiences. Having a highly mobile childhood, she explores the ethereal sense of memories and how they can help to form identity and belonging, or obscure it. Her work brings together intricate ink-work and bold collaged colours transposing forms against each other. Intangible recollections (impressions) of landscapes, flora and fauna entwine and clash creating new surreal forms, connecting to the past and helping to grow roots in the present.

Jacqui Oakley has worked with The New York Times, Reebok, Penguin Random House, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, Time and Amazon, taught at OCAD & Sheridan and her art has been exhibited in Toronto, L.A., San Francisco, Philadelphia, Montreal, San Diego and Shanghai.



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