It's OK. It's ART. (Emily Harrison)

  • Choral
  • Drama
  • Drawing
  • Gospel
  • Graphic Design
  • Handcrafts
  • Illustrations
  • Mixed Media
  • Mural
  • Musical
  • Painting

Emily Harrison has been creating art, making music, and performing all her life. Emily moved to the East end of Hamilton in 2017 shortly after launching her art business, It’s OK. It’s ART.

It’s OK. It’s ART. is an interactive, creative, art company, the brain child of Emily Harrison. The main goal of It’s OK. It’s ART. is to reignite creativity, encourage community building, all while sparking laughter and spreading joy.  The process of creating art is in itself a catharsis, and Emily's items seek to meld humour, catharsis, and art process together in a beautiful (and utilitarian!) outcome. The company’s main product is colour-your-own pillow cover kits with designs hand drawn by Emily.

Recently, Emily was able to provide an interactive mural at the Centre on Barton during their pop-up night markets in 2018. In 2020,  It’s OK. It’s ART. was voted #1 Best Arts & Crafts Store in Hamilton in The Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice Awards. In 2022, Emily was thrilled to have her artwork purchased for the YMCA of Hamilton’s Anti-Human Trafficking Program offices and services centre. Emily’s work is carried in 100+ independent boutiques and stores across Canada and USA.

In the artist's own words:  "I love being able to offer my customers affordable products that offer them a chance to get in touch with their creative sides, and a laugh a little in the process! In addition to hand-drawing the original designs, I also colour all demos myself, and design all my marketing products, branding, and retail packaging. My focus has always been on the participatory aspect of my items - in sparking joy and creativity - and making this experience accessible to as many people as possible and not having sale price be a barrier to participation.  I hope my designs make you laugh, help you think, keep you grounded, and maybe even help you work through some f*@&ing awful feelings you might be experiencing.  Try it with worked for me!"

Because It's [going to be] OK.
And It's [usually better with] ART.

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