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The Hamilton Thrill-Harmonic Orchestra is first and foremost a socially conscious band.  We play original music (and the occasional cover song) to inspire all Canadians. Diversity, equity and inclusiveness are baked into our lyrics. Members of our band not only appeal to, but also belong to, groups that have been marginalized in Canadian society. Our new album, "Walla Walla Beach" explores themes such as neurodiversity, racism, the judicial system, incarceration, loneliness, and the inclusive nature of love.  While focusing on these important issues, we never let the music become heavy-handed. Rather, we sing about how, with personal and political action, every Canadian can be raised up. We also love our city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and our songs "True Hamiltonian", "We Are a Hamilton Band" and "Rock the Hammer" are testaments to our hometown pride.


The Hamilton Thrill-Harmonic Orchestra always puts on an incredibly high energy, entertaining live show. Our members include Scott Kernaghan (songwriter and lead vocals), Shelini Rupwate (flute, vocals, dance), Victor Rotondi (lead guitar, vocals), Travis Downton (bass, vocals), Scotty Reynolds (drums), and Darren Woodworth (harmonica). Our sound takes its inspiration from rock and roll, Indigenous music, blues, funk, alternative rock, pop, country and Canadian folk music. We are available to play venues big and small. Contact us for a diverse, inclusive, and joyous live musical adventure!

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