Gabriel Faith

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I am GABRIEL FAITH... let me introduce myself:

Green Eyed Intellectual:  I am an Original Thinker & Conceptualizer.

Artist & Musician:  I am a full-time Artist & Musician since 2013 A.D.

Bible Believer & Observer:  I am a practicing Catholic Christian.

Remixer Of Ideas:  I am interested in mixing Music, Religion, Pop Culture, & Sports, in artistically innovative ways.

Inspired By Other Artists:  I am always searching for Artistic Inspiration.

Eloquently Stated:  I am a verbiage aficionado & I love "Crosswords."

Logistically Perfectionist:  I am aiming beyond the stars.


The Artwork, that I have chosen to present below, includes 12 distinct, poster-sized, Newspaper Collages.

The Title for this Collage Exhibit is:  "The View Of The Universe From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada."

I chose Newspaper images & words, culled from "The Hamilton Spectator" & "Toronto Star," during the years 2015 to 2017 A.D.

If you wish to view additional Artwork from my Portfolio, then please visit "" (& click the "Purple Circle").


Thank You & Peace Be With You.


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