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"I wanna bet on a slow horse with a good name

Leave my guitar case out in the rain

Play all night. Laugh all day

Not give a fuck what the trendsetters say"

- excerpt from Everything You're Not Supposed to Do [Fünyboht 2022]


Setting sail in 2015, Fünyboht is the exploratory musical vehicle of Polish-Canadian multi-instrumentalist songwriter Michael Myszkowski and his ragtag coalition of session players, music teachers, visual artists, songwriters and vocalists. While the songs often navigate difficult themes like grief, heartbreak, betrayal and inner conflict, the overarching theme is one of optimism, perseverance, openness and love.


With compositions inspired by romantic era classical music, delivered in the free flowing language of jazz and lyrics sometimes reminiscent of beat poetry, one of the most common statements about the band is "I don't know what to compare this to" - however, those who tried have used names like David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Wilco, Smashing Pumpkins, Velvet Underground and Bright Eyes.

"Born and raised downtown in Hamilton, ON. I graduated from the Mohawk College jazz performance program and went off into the musical world in support of rock, pop and country acts touring at the theater, festival and small club levels. Burned out by the schmoozing and creative compromise in the business, I decided to build a creative vehicle dedicated to self actualization and the exploration of beauty in all its forms. Fünyboht sort of started as a band, but now I realize it's more like this imaginary jungle gym where myself and other like-hearted artists can express themselves through these song forms and stories we create together. My primary source of income is teaching music and my hope in growing the Fünyboht project is that it will be an inspiration for my own students and fellow artists from the Golden Horseshoe to fearlessly pursue their crafts, learn new skills and collaborate to bring imagination to life."

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