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Emerald B is an up-and-coming 16-year-old singer/songwriter, dancer, musician, aspiring actor and positive influencer from Canada who strives to inspire others. She has performed at many venues across Southern Ontario and toured in 4 cities in the U.S. both as a solo artist and as part of a six-member Juno Nominated all-girl pop group (Girl Pow-R). Emma's music is a reflection of her life experiences whether good or bad. Her genre is Indie-Pop and she also likes to sing ballads. Emma hopes to connect with her listeners who can relate to her lyrics. Emma is coached by Cydney London: a private vocal coach and pianist. Her career mentor is Brian Melo from Hamilton, Emma’s hometown. Brian is an amazing, talented singer and songwriter, who won Canadian Idol. Brian, Emma, and Paul Stephens (from Nashville) collaborate on a regular basis for songwriting. Carm Milioto is a Musician and Owner of Studio 410. 

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