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DayWon Records is a collective of artists and producers from the greater Hamilton area who represent unity and inclusivity. DayWon consists of Co-founders Wes Gray and Gary Walsh (GaryMadeThis), and Angus Mitchell (Angus The Guru).  DayWon isn't afraid to bring back that lyrical style of hiphop with deep meanings, but they also know how to have fun with songs like "Up In The Clouds" by Wes Gray and Angus The Guru. Ultimately the goal of DayWon is to come authentically to the hiphop game and also to not box themselves in too tightly to any genre. As well as the fun songs, DayWon's lyrical content is highly conscious, spiritual, and thought invoking. On song's such as Angus The Guru's "Indictment", you can get a taste of the conscious and thought provoking influence. "Fly" by Wes Gray is another record that carries uplifting energy. DayWon Records is excited to bring their unique chemistry and music to the world of hiphop.



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