Dawn Grant Artistry

  • Collage
  • Drawing
  • Experimental
  • Fashion
  • Fibre Arts
  • Film
  • Film and TV
  • Handcrafts
  • Jewelry
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Textiles

 "I try to add colour and diversity into everything I create. To make people interested in the fine details of my work, is for them to reflect on themselves and how they percieve identity."


Dawn Grant's passion for representation in mainstream media, has shaped her profession as a makeup and special FX airtist, props maker, wearable art designer,  and therapeutic art practitioner.

She develops characters, creates props and designs thought provoking works of wearable art.  Her use of upcycled textiles, mediums and techniques, blend nuances of the African Diaspora, with a visionary approach in fashion and design.

A passion for inclusive spaces extends to her therapeutic art practice, which helps people explore self expression and emotions, using art and creative processes as a compass for personal insight and healing.

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