Bunny Huynh

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Watercolour Painter | Doll Make-up Artist

Growing up in a society that never considered art a prominent career, I dared not follow my heart for a long time. However, art always comes to me when I am at my weakest.

Ten years ago, I adopted Ball Joint Doll Face-up Art to escape depression. Two years after, I officially debuted as a professional Face-up Artist.

Last November, I picked up Watercolour Art with a similar cause. Four months later, my paintings appeared in 126th WAAH Annual Juried Exhibition and 34th Art in the Workplace.

My Art Philosophy:

A beautiful rose is blooming in the corner of someone's garden; morning star flowers create a curtain of white beads along the fences; a quiet trail is bathing under the golden summer sunlight. We are moving too fast; all the stories escape us, except our own. We think we are seeing when we are often blind to the myriad sparkling facets that lie so close to our eyes. We think we are closely connected when we are drifting farther away. 

I hope to string our spirits together through art and put serene pauses to our hasty life.

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