Bunny Huynh

  • Drawing
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For the past decade, my creative journey has revolved around designing and creating more than 600 unique and personalized doll art pieces. These bespoke creations have been commissioned by clients from all corners of the globe, allowing me to bring their exclusive concepts and visions to life. Through my work, I strive to materialize my clients' artistic concepts into beautifully crafted doll makeup, as I firmly believe that dolls possess art therapy effects for their owners.

After establishing myself in Canada, I gained recognition as the premier Artdoll Face-up Artist among the community of North American doll collectors. My goal is to contribute, even in a small way, to creating an environment where individuals can thrive. By infusing artistic expression into dolls and providing art therapy through these creations, I aspire to make the world a more nurturing and enriching place.

Photography holds a special place in my skillset, with a particular focus on Doll Photography, a captivating combination of Still-life and Portraiture. Since 2010, when I first began collecting and immersing myself in the world of doll art, I have been actively involved in this unique discipline. My dedication and artistic exploration led to the recognition of my work, earning me the 2nd Prize at both the Enchanted Doll Photo Contest in 2016 and the DOLKS/US Photo Contest in 2017.

As my passion for capturing the enchantment of the world around me continues to grow, I have recently delved into Botanical Photography, mesmerized by the wondrous beauty of nature. Within this emerging genre, I strive to create images that evoke a dreamy and moody ambiance, allowing viewers to experience the magic that nature effortlessly exudes.

Alongside photography, I have been honing my skills in watercolour painting, and my botanical artworks have been featured in various art exhibitions in Hamilton. Since 2021, I have been a proud member in good standing of the Women's Art Association of Hamilton, where I found a mentor who continues to guide me in improving my artistic abilities.

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