karen klucowicz

  • Adult Contemporary
  • Fine art
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting

Karen Klucowicz is a Canadian artist. Her concept-driven, figurative abstract works of art are focused on communication. Working in two series she explores the strength of individuals and in the second series talks about how that strength affects relationships.

Figures and a neutrality to those figures, are essential to sharing Klucowicz’s concepts, stripping away notions of an individual or a culture to reveal and demonstrate their strength. Through colour, form and texture, she presents figures that neutralize bias in positions that express the idea, and then allows the act of painting to dictate the level of abstraction.

Drawn to exploring outside of a canvas, some of her work has been stripped of colour, formal or traditional structures of presentation, mixes media, grounds and offers unique art installations. This exploration combines her love of materials and her passion for painting.

Karen presently has a studio at The Cotton Factory in Hamilton, Ontario, painting and hosting art experiences for individuals and team building events. She firmly believes all should “Live the power of art.”©

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