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Radical change requires disruption. Anti-Heroine Media is a Hamilton-based creative communications agency and digital production company specializing in intersectional feminist storytelling and advocacy. The firm centers intersectional feminist priniciples in design and approach, not limited to accessibility, representation, and collaboration. This includes producing a multitude of digital media products and services such as graphic design, illustration and video, digital campaigns, copywriting, and podcast production.

Launched in late 2020, co-founders Ashna Ali and Hayley Rivier-Gatt wanted to take a more creative angle to communications. In an increasingly digital world, the medium is the movement. Anti-Heroine Media’s approach is about making sure that you’re reaching as many folks as possible, in a format that is action-driven, engaging and unforgettable. Anti-Heroine Media is grounded in anti-racist, decolonial and intersectional feminism, including an internal culture and processes based in care and well-being.

Since its inception Anti-Heroine Media has had the privilege to work with a number of social good organizations such as the Enchanté Network, AllySquared, FemDev, DCED and Global Affairs Canada, to build dynamic campaigns, produce thought-provoking podcasts, and create a variety of innovative design work. Anti-Heroine Media has been featured in Apt613 and Redefine Twenty for its dedicated feminist approach to activism through digital art and storytelling. There are so many mediums to build a movement (yes, even a really good meme).

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