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Andrea Thompson - Artist Statement

I have enjoyed art all my life. I took every art course I could through high school and continued to create art in various forms after formal education.

My paintings are little bits of me, moving from within me and out onto the canvas. Each painting comes from an emotional connection I feel with the painting’s inspiration. The emotions I am able to express through my art have enabled me to process and endure many hills and valleys in my life.

My inspirations come from photographs (either my own or from those I know). My subjects range from landscapes, animals and portraits, with an occasional still life. 

Many summer evenings are spent watching the sun set, working to capture the beauty and splendour of the evening on canvas. My artwork has won ribbons at local fairs. Each piece is distinctive. I find that each new piece teaches me different techniques, unique perspectives...I love finding opportunities to learn and keep my artwork fresh and new. Creating artwork is my passion.

My artwork is on a spectrum from the very realistic to more romantic impressionist. The mediums I use range from soft pastel, to chalk pastel pencil, acrylic, oil, watercolour, and pencil. I love earth tones, but also appreciate brilliant colours as well, as dictated by the source of my inspiration.

I mat and frame all my own artwork, this gives me a sense of completion of the piece, from concept through creation to completion.

I have taken several art courses and workshops, both in person and online, over the past 10 years as I continue to learn.

I currently teach both children and adults to share a love for art and grow them in their art journey.

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