My name is Anastasia Meicholas, a visual artist living in the GTA.  I am presently working on 2 projects with East End Arts Toronto, Doorstep Diaries and Food4Thought Mosaic Installation.  I have published works in Bi+Art Festival and Queer Toronto Literary Magazine, QT Flirt #5; StArt Youth Presenting Art 2021, 11th Annual Magazine; ArtSideOut 2021 Endurance – University of Toronto Scarborough and Scarborough Arts 36th Annual Juried Exhibition, “New Depths”, Big Art Book Issue 8.

My exotic colour palette and subjects are strongly influenced by my Bahamian heritage where constant sunshine and the bright blue ocean was never far away.  The miles of forests and the wilderness of my former home in Fort McMurray, Alberta, have also had a strong influence on the direction of my work.

Art has always been my outlet to cope with the stress and uncertainties of everyday life.  At the same time, I use art to express some of my deepest joys.  Art provides me with a safe and comfortable place to express myself.  As I am constantly trying to interpret my world, exploring different ways of presenting my observations and interpretations, I don’t limit myself to one medium, one style or a single process, I am constantly evolving.

The pieces I create are drawn from inspiration, experiences and lessons learned, sprinkled with influences from the land of my birth.

If anyone takes the time to peruse my work and pauses long enough to be stirred in some way, to wonder, to question, to simply feel… then I have succeeded in my work.

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