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Daring to follow her artistic dreams, Alyssa Nedich has been working as a dance instructor, award winning choreographer and movement director for well over a decade. Always willing to try something new, she has developed a versatile portfolio with experience in competitions, classrooms, theatres and on movie sets. Alyssa has been dancing since the age of 9, and since graduating highschool has spent her time teaching and choreographing across the country. 

You can catch Alyssa and her work on stages and screens across Canada, whether she’s performing herself or working behind the scenes creating, curating and developing new work. Alyssa has also recently stepped into the role of adjudicator, giving the next generation of dancers the feedback and encouragement they need to grow and develop. 


Alyssa’s recent creations, choreography and casting include:

The Movement Museum (In production, Hamilton Fringe 2022)

Emergence (Winterfest 2022)

Transcendent (Hamilton Arts Week 2019)

In Between Dreams and Sleep (2018)

Time Flies (Dusk Dances 2018)

Psyche (iNtegrated Parts 2018)

Communal Solace- featured at the 2017 Frostbites Festival and Dusk Dances 2017

The Geoff Hudson Band’s “Big Old Angry Sea” music video 


With a passion for musical theatre, Alyssa has choreographed over 15 musicals, including the Canadian premiere of Sideshow. She was also part of Hamilton’s “I Am An Artist” banner campaign that celebrates diversity in the local artistic community. Alyssa’s creativity is ever-reaching and she’s continually developing competitive and performance pieces for soloists and groups, all while investing in her community. Alyssa believes that dance is for everyone, and is passionate about sharing the ability to dance with all. Her enthusiastic energy in the classroom allows everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced dancer to take away a special experience. Dance, for Alyssa, is a chance to give people confidence and she believes it has an important role to play in her hometown.


Having taught most forms of dance for over a decade, Alyssa is on demand throughout Canada as a choreographer and trained adjudicator. She is a certified Rhythm Works Instructor, has received certification from Alixa Flexibility modules 1,2 and 3, is certified with Barrefit and is a proud member of the Professional Adjudicators Alliance. Alyssa is excited for the opportunity to share her knowledge and passion for performance with those looking to further their dance training.

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