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Neil Landstrumm LIVE at Studio L14

mai 28à10:00 pm - mai 29à4:00 am


The return of Neil Landstrumm LIVE
May 28th, 2022 @ Studio L14
Neil Landstrumm has been not only leading, but creating swathes of dance floor funk under the broad banner of Techno for over 2 decades. With releases on the best known Techno record labels out there (Peacefrog, Tresor, Planet Mu, Mosquito, Sativae, Scandinavia, Neue Heimat, Music Man, Feinwerk, Snork, Killekill, Don't, Brothers, Rawax, and more..) he's a guy who knows his stuff and knows how to work a dance floor.
Neil was at Studio L14 in January of 2019. The event sold out. The walls were sweaty. The Techno was thick. We knew post-pandemic our first headliner to bring over had to be the return of this man.
Neil Landstrumm @ Fold, London

The most common refrain I heard from folks back in his first show here was "how the hell is he doing this?" Well come by and find out.
Local Djs:
1: CRN (Collective Rhythm Network)
This duo of House jocks (not to be confused with House jerks) have been playing locally, beyond and on the radio for well over 24 years. Tonight they'll be participating in the sweat box that is L14.
2: ?
3: ?
4: ?
5: ?

Very limited capacity. Only room for 80 people. You wont catch him playing for such a small crowd anytime soon 😉

tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/296108978927

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Remember; Studio L14 is a small private space provided by Hamiltonian music nerds for like minded people to enjoy. We don't serve or allow alcohol. Please treat our space with respect or you will be asked to leave.


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mai 28à10:00 pm
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mai 29à4:00 am
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