Keeping Six Hamilton Arts Coordinator

Date Posted
January 24, 2023
Opportunity with
Keeping Six Hamilton
Application Deadline
February 3, 2023 at 12:00 am
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Job Title: Keeping Six Arts Program Coordinator
Position Summary: reporting to Keeping Six and receiving administrative support from
HAMSMaRT, this position is an opportunity to provide leadership to the arts programs run by the
Keeping Six Arts Collective.
Commitment and Remuneration: 20 hours per week, $25 per hour, 10 month contract -
March-December 2023
Desired Experience and skills: organizational and leadership skills, a background in an art
form (art, music, writing, dance), preference for someone with lived experience with drug use
and / or being unhoused.
Job Description
In collaboration with the Peer Events Coordinator, and with support from HAMSMaRT’s
Operations Manager as well as mentorship from Kelly Wolf (previous Program Coordinator), the
Arts Program Coordinator will be responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of
the Keeping Six Arts Collective’s programming.
Detailed Responsibilities:
- Attend Keeping Six weekly Monday team meetings, as well as monthly all teams
meetings (Keeping Six and HAMSMaRT)
- Coordinate weekly Art Drop in
- Support street outreach, purchase supplies, support Peer Artist staff
- Volunteer Coordination support with Peer Event coordinator for events
- Research and write grant applications in collaboration with HAMSMaRT’s Operations
Manager to support the program
- Liaise with community artists/writers
- Purchase art supplies for workshops and drop in, make sure art/writing supplies are
- Track gift cards for zine submissions
- Host Wednesday Art workshops at The Music Hall
- Support writing workshops
- Work with Peer Event coordinator to run open mic
- Organize snacks and drinks for art programming with the support of a peer
- Build relationship with and liaise with community orgs
- Liaise with Peer Events Coordinator to secure event-specific peer-run staffing
- Encourage and develop peer-led art workshop proposals
- Peer Education component:
- Invoices and cheques
- Participant tracking
- Social media - to be negotiated
- Creation of posts:
- Art workshop posts, promotion of workshops, writers drop in, and artist
- Advocacy posts
Application Submission:
Please submit your application by email to or in-person at TAN by Friday,
February 3rd. If you need any support preparing your application, please get in touch.
Keeping Six and HAMSMaRT prioritize employing people with shared lived and living
experience with the people who attend our programs and are part of our communities, including
being unhoused or precariously housed, using drugs, and experiencing systemic discrimination.
We are committed to breaking down barriers to employment including racism, patriarchy,
classism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, criminalization, ageism, sexism, stigma around
drug use, and other forms of discrimination. We deeply value the unique contributions that
members of our communities bring from a breadth of life experiences and identities, and are
committed to hiring practices that centre different forms of knowing and doing.
Keeping Six - Hamilton Harm Reduction Action League is a community-based organization that
defends the rights, dignity and humanity of people who use drugs. It was formed in response to
the ravages of the opioid crisis, by people who use drugs and those who love and care for them,
for purposes of mutual protection and cooperation. It now exists as a project within the broader
HAMSMaRT organization. The main point of contact for Keeping Six will be Kelly Wolf, who you
can reach at
Hamilton Social Medicine Response Team (HAMSMaRT) is an organization of health providers
and community organizers working to integrate clinical practice, critical analysis, and political
action. We are an interdisciplinary outreach team providing community centred care to people
for whom conventional health service models present too many barriers to access. We believe
that as health care providers we must recognize and take responsibility for our own historical
and contemporary roles in systems of oppression. We work to advance the idea and practice
that health is inherently political and health care providers must play a role in bringing about
change in the social and material conditions which determine health. The main point of contact
for HAMSMaRT will be Anna Malla, Operations Manager

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