Imposter Syndrome Exhibit

Three local artists have taken a deep dive into exploring the concept on imposter syndrome and how it arises in artists across Hamilton. Join us as we feature a collective of artists that have come together to face their own imposter syndrome and how they have navigated the artists world with this strange phenomenon.

You're invited to an interactive art exhibit exploring the concept of imposter syndrome and the artist.

This unique sensory experience invigorates artists, observers, and participants to push their boundaries and find comfort in the uncomfortable through exploring the collective phenomenon of imposter syndrome. Organized in acts 1, 2, and 3 the exhibit showcases local talent and their experimentation with a variety of sensory mediums and materials in an expression to define and redefine how imposter syndrome manifests in their creative process. As you walk the exhibit, you will be given opportunities to gaze at the art, along with unveiling how you conceptualize imposter syndrome.

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