Call for Expressions of Interest: Main Street Unionville Public Art Opportunities

Date Posted
September 12, 2023
Opportunity with
City of Markham
Application Deadline
October 10, 2023 at 5:00 pm
Apply Now!

The City of Markham invites professional artists to submit expressions of interest for either of two embedded public art opportunities as part of the Main Street Unionville Public Art Program. These opportunities form an integral component of the Main Street Unionville revitalization project, set to conclude in 2025.

The winning proposals for the two opportunities will be chosen through distinct, open, two-stage competitions. NOTE: Each artist or artist team may only submit an expression of interest for ONE of the two opportunities available. After receiving expressions of interest for each project, a short list of five artists or artist teams will be selected to proceed to stage two, by a specially convened panel composed of arts professionals and project stakeholders. The shortlisted artists or artist teams then receive a stipend to develop their proposals. The artists or artist teams that are awarded the final commissions will receive a design fee that encompasses all expenses related to the artwork including fees for design, contract administration, professional services, travel, and other incidental costs. The responsibility for fabrication and installation lies with the project construction team.

Artists are NOT asked to make a proposal at this time.

Main Street Unionville Revitalization

The multi-year development of Unionville’s Historic Main Street revitalization is guided by the Main Street Unionville Community Vision Plan (2015). This plan outlines land use, character development, and targeted improvements for specific areas between Highway 7 and Toogood Pond Park. The City of Markham initiated the Main Street Unionville Streetscape Master Plan for Commercial Core in 2018, engaging in background analysis, concept development, and community input gathering.

In March 2022, Council approved the streetscape plan, encompassing new sidewalks, road surfaces, infrastructure improvements, and lighting systems. The integration of consistent streetscape elements, site furniture, plantings, and public art aims to create accessible “Street Rooms” while preserving the district’s heritage character. The Streetscape Master Plan underscores the focus on integrating new public art, aligning with the goal of maintaining the area’s integrity and enhancing its public spaces.

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