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Will Gillespie is an award-winning Singer-Songwriter, Playwright, Musician, Actor and Entertainer living in Hamilton, Ontario. He was the author, composer, director and lead performer of the musicals "Swingin' in St. John's," "Diamond in the Rough" and "MINE! True Stories and Legends of the Porcupine Gold Rush." He was also the songwriter, lead guitarist and frontman for the bands the SALTCOATS, Old World Romance, Static & Snow and the Will Gillespie Band.

Raised in the small gold mining town of South Porcupine, Northern Ontario, Will Gillespie now calls Hamilton home. He is a finger-picking travelling troubadour with an eclectic repertoire of original songs from whimsical ditties to heart-breaking ballads to foot-stomping rockers, exploring Folk, Folk-Rock, Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, Cabaret, Waltzes and other styles.


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