Vanessa Ramirez

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Drama
  • Fiction
  • Film
  • Film and TV
  • Improv
  • Modern dance
  • Movement Based Theatre
  • Multimedia
  • Musical Theatre
  • Non-Fiction
  • Performance Art
  • Play
  • Site Specific
  • Spoken Word
  • Swing
  • Tap
  • Urban dance
  • Voice Acting
  • Writing Workshop

I believe combining disparate art forms is the foundation of artistic innovation. I love filmmaking and I also love dancing. Combining these two mediums is my life-long goal.

It aligns with my goals to create new opportunities to collaborate with other local emerging artists, friends, and family. Returning from my studies in Los Angeles and New York, I bring lessons of perseverance, stories of greatness, and ideas for the future. Studying abroad has given me a unique perspective on what it means to be Canadian, and what it means when I am the only Canadian in the room. This newfound ambition to amplify the voices of my community in my endeavours brought me to The Arty Crowd.

This exploration in film and dance allows me to deepen my understanding of narrative and choreographic structures, and enhance my skills in directing and choreography. And performing is a personal aspiration to test my abilities as a movement artist. There is no growth without pushing beyond comfort and breaking the mould, a concept I try to model.

I am keen on experimenting with modern themes to elevate the cinematic language of my work. My products are myriads of self-realizations, and an opportunity to find answers within the creative process.


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