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Stelliform Press is a global, diverse environmental publisher located in Hamilton, Ontario. The press started as a project to bring character and culture focused stories into the "climate fiction" conversation, which has largely been about technology and dominated by cis white men. Scientists have given us the knowledge we need to tackle the biggest problem humanity has ever faced. Now climate change and environmental degradation are cultural problems. By highlighting stories about power, struggle, and what can inspire hope, Stelliform books aim to shift the conversation about how to save our one beautiful planet.

Stelliform Press has published eight books since 2020 and has been recognized by several major literary awards in speculative fiction, including:

  • The William L. Crawford Award for Best First Fantasy Book (Night Roll, finalist)
  • The Otherwise Award, for contributions to discussions on gender and sexuality in speculative fiction (Depart, Depart!, honour list)
  • The Utopia Award, for works highlighting social, political, and technological pathways to a better world (The Impossible Resurrection of GriefAfter the Dragons, finalists)
  • The Ursula K. Le Guin $25,000 Prize for Fiction (After the Dragons, shortlist)
  • The Philip K. Dick Award (Arboreality, finalist)
  • The Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novella (The Impossible Resurrection of Grief, winner)

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