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  • Acoustic
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Ballet
  • Cabaret
  • Collage
  • Collective Creation
  • Contemporary
  • Drama
  • Drawing
  • Experimental
  • Film
  • Film and TV
  • Graphic Design
  • Improv
  • Installations
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Modern
  • Modern dance
  • Movement Based Theatre
  • Multimedia
  • Musical
  • Musical Theatre
  • One Person Show
  • Performance Art
  • Photography
  • Play
  • Play reading
  • Podcast
  • Poetry
  • Site Specific
  • Tap
  • Voice Acting

Skye Rogers (she/her) is a multi-disciplinary performing artist, based in Hamilton and the Niagara Region. With a robust foundation in dance, theatre, and music, her creative practice is dearly devoted to cultivating connection in both personal and communal spheres, through the intersection of a wide collection of mediums. Skye is a graduate of the Randolph College for the Performing Arts (2019), representing her class as Valedictorian and recipient of both the Triple Threat Award and the Governor General’s Bronze Medal. Recently, Skye was the first person to obtain a Certificate in the “Arts and Culture Studies” program at Brock University (2022), where she extended her skills in the behind-the-scenes work of performance production and artistic administration.

Skye is the daughter of two artists, tracing her earliest influences back to infancy and a childhood surrounded by musicians and creatives of all sorts. Through her own artistic metamorphosis, Skye has also been heavily influenced by the artists and teachers who have mentored her through the years; Niagara choreographer/ arts advocate Alice Burke, Toronto writing-duo Johnson & Johnston, Artistic Director extraordinaire Deanna Jones… the list goes on. Relationships are at the heart of Skye’s artistry; her favourite projects being those which involve collaboration and community, and her gratitude towards her own mentors being translated through her teaching practice. In her creative work, Skye’s embodied style is collage-like; informed by the shapes and spaces of her surroundings mixed with the rhythm and groove of her musical pulse. Fluently articulating her heart through her extremities and expressions, Skye’s vision is to expand her audience’s capacity for emotion, imagination, and compassion. 

Last year, Skye was a resident of Suitcase In Point’s NEST Artist Residency, where she created a communal, joy-centered happening, "PLAYGROUND," for In the Soil Fest in Downtown St. Catharines. She was also the LOVES Artist in Residence at Kim Odine’s Studio, where she choreographed and presented her first solo dance piece, “what is woman?” under the mentorship of international Canadian choreographer Meagan O’Shea (Stand Up Dance). This later led to the opportunity to perform in one of Meagan’s new works, “ANATOMALIA,” in Berlin last Fall. Presently, Skye has been focused on continuing to collect new techniques and practices through performances and workshops abroad, as well as developing new work locally, in collaboration with other artists. She looks forward to continuing to flourish artistically as she applies her never-ending learning to her creative process.

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