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Canadian raised mother Nicola Moore is a singer-songwriter who lives in Hamilton Ontario.

Like many others around the world, Nicola was able to work from home, take care of the children (via home school) and reignited her passion for creating music.
Nicola's cultural influences in music are vast and she credits her parents for giving her roots into her Canadian, British and Caribbean heritage. She credits her family for giving her insight into classical, gospel, folk rock, reggae, jazz and blues. While growing up Nicola surrounded herself with artists/friends who love listening to classic rock, 90s hip hop and pop icons from the 80s and 90s.  As a mother of three, Nicola also has a podcast called The MomLyfe where she speaks on the experiences of motherhood.

Aside from creating music, Nicola discovered her talent in gardening and the need for spreading awareness about Food Insecurity.  As an Advocate for the cause, Nicola has demonstrated the need to learn how to create a community garden.  She shows us how to produce fruits and vegetables step by step and shares this with social media outlets.   This action garnered the attention of the CFCC, the FSC and various media outlets.  She has been on news sites such as CTV, The Globe & Mail and The National Post.  She has also been featured on the CBC News fighting and informing for the cause that 1 in 5 Canadians are going hungry.

Her very first single “The Arrow” is available on Spotify and iTunes and she continues to work on new music.

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