Melda Coskun

  • Performance Art
  • World Music
Flamenco is my passion; it allows me to explore myself, reach my core, expand my limits, and express myself. I was born and lived in Turkey in family where music and dancing were integral parts of our lives. Later, I studied flamenco with Mercedes Ruiz, Marina Valiente, La Moneta, Angele Atienza, and Ursula Lopez in Spain. I am continuing studying with Maria Serrano and am a member of her company, having performed in her productions, Por Derecho (2019) and Alma de Mujeres (2023) . 
"It is not necessary to be a gypsy or Andalusian, or even Spanish to feel and express Flamenco as the best artists of race, lineage, family, tradition and geographical origin do more genuinely Flamenco."
Martin Guerrero Gomez director of the flamenco painting 'Casa Patas'

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