Luis Navarro

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I am a new media artist from Mexico City, currently based in Hamilton, Ontario. My practice revolves around electronic Latin dance music by means of software and code.

I currently perform with a web-based interactive application of my authorship called Seis8s, which revolves around Spanish-language commands related to Latin dance music. I created Seis8s at McMaster University while studying in the New Media and Cultural Studies program.

As a solo performer, I explore the rhythms of Cumbia, Guaguancó, and Salsa in their electronic form. I have recently presented my musical work at Galvanized Suns Festival (Canada, 2020), the International Conference on Live Coding (Chile, 2021), and the New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference (New Zealand, 2022).

I am also a member of Grupo D’Binis, an audiovisual duo of electronic cumbia formed along with visual artist Jessica Rodriguez. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, I have performed in this duo virtually at the Cyberpunk camp (Chile, 2020), Pumpumyachkan festival (Peru, 2021), Latin@merica: Embedding Bodies and Localities exhibition opening (Canada, 2021), and the Unbound A/V Art: Redefining the Undefined online exhibition (Canada, 2022).

I often perform with other groups including RGGTRN, centred on audiovisual improvisation and Latinx sensibility. And the laptop ensemble, the Cybernetic Orchestra at McMaster University.

I am very interested in community engagement through public talks and workshops. For example, In 2020, in partnership with Hamilton’s Factory Media Centre, I organized a series of conversation circles where people from Latin America in Hamilton and around the world were invited to discuss software and music in relation to national identity, ethnicity, social class, and gender. Here, the participants and I felt engaged as we learned from each other.

In 2018, I also co-organized and taught a series of workshops in Colombia, Perú, and Ecuador, where non-expert participants created mini-computer languages for music creation. Here, participants were encouraged to create them by their language, interests, and political affiliations.

Check out some of my recent work in the videos below!


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