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John Van Rys lives on a hobby farm outside Dunnville, Ontario, with his wife April, dogs, cats, horses, free-run egg-laying hens, and his mother-in-law. He’s also survived raising four children, all of them now released upon an unsuspecting world. When he’s not at home caring for animals, he spends his time as an English professor at Redeemer University in Ancaster, teaching literature and writing courses. And when he’s not teaching, he’s writing—including poems and stories. He started writing fiction when his wife got tired of him complaining he couldn't find time to write stories, so she told him to write something as a present to her. Being Dutch-Canadian, he jumped at the chance to save money on gifts. While he’s published a number of these stories in journals such as The New Quarterly, The Dalhousie Review, Agnes and True, and Blank Spaces, his first book-length collection is Moonshine Promises, published by Wipf and Stock.

While I live near Dunnville, I work in Ancaster.

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