Jill Letten

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Jill Letten is an artist based in Hamilton, Ontario, accredited with a BFA from McMaster University in 2021. Jill creates acrylic paintings that visualize realistic, and sometimes surrealistic, environments. Digital photograph archives have always been a source of fascination, and over the years she has garnered a sizeable curated folder of images from global library archives. Pulling from the aesthetic of 1950s ads for visual inspiration, Jill is interested in examining the visuals of rose-tinted idealism and social euphoria from a time when ephemeral “perfectionism” was used to mask the harsh realities of life. For Jill, idealist escapism has felt familiar to aspects of contemporary life, with brands, social culture, and entertainment media leaning into digital escapism and romanticizing daily life to cope. Jill’s passion for painting life has extended to pet portraiture, finding fulfillment in memorializing the lives of animal companions under the name Living Art Pets (@Livingartpets). She is also a member of the art collective JSquared (jsquaredcollective.square.site).

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