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I'm GertieGordy (aka Lorraine Randell). I'm a lifelong designer and thinker who has spent the last 10 years thinking about and working on the future of education. I'm really curious to understand how we know what we know, and what kinds of learning we can do to support well-being and flourishing over time. My work spans boundaries - I try to seek out information from many domains and from many eras.

I deeply respect the many ways that humans learn. I value traditional academic knowledge AND knowledge that is generated through applied and practical thinking. I have big questions about the world - and I seek answers from academic domains including philosophy, systems thinking, design, anthropology, cognitive science, psychology, sociology, information theory, organizational development, strategy and business innovation, and non-academic folk wisdom, traditions, and practical knowledge. I like to write things that help me make sense of the world, and I hope they help you too.

I work as a consultant and adjunct professor in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation Master of Design program at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada, where I teach Understanding Systems and Strategic Development. I’m a proud unschooling mom of 2 teenagers who teach me so much every day.

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