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We are Garba Groovers, a Hamilton-based, Indian-origin folk dance group that’s on a mission to make Garba a global art form.

Garba is a folk dance that originated in the state of Gujarat (a state in India). It’s highly energetic, vibrant and extremely inclusive (there are no age or gender barriers). In 2023, UNESCO has inscribed the Garba dance on its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It’s performed in groups, with everyone moving in concentric circles, mirroring each other's traditional Garba steps, while grooving to the drum beats and the singing in the background. The conceptual basis of garba dance was constituted by the following elements: 1) clap 2) tap 3) snap and 4) spin. Owing to the colorful attires of the dancers and the coordinated twirling movements, clap-snap combinations, hand gestures, and rhythmic footwork, it’s a visual spectacle for the audience.

As artists, we have reaped the benefits of this art form in a multi-dimensional way. The obvious ones being the fact that it's an excellent fitness regime, a stress buster, and a creative outlet for experimentation. But above all of that, we feel that Garba has the power to build communities.

Our goal is to communicate that message to the rest of the world. Come see us perform, try out a few steps with us, and you will go back with a smile.

Hamilton, Stoney Creek

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