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Garba Groovers, founded by Anjum Chauhan, is a Hamilton-based group of Gujarati women who share the same passion and love for folk dances, especially Garba and Dandiya Raas. They are known as Garba Groovers whose aim is to showcase the rich culture of Gujarat through their dance and to bring traditional Garba and Raas to new spaces and places. These traditional Garba dancers display a charmingly pleasant dance performance that showcases the incredibly rich heritage and cultural traditions of Gujarat, the state along the Western coast of India. They strongly believe in preserving their culture and traditions and reviving it for the younger generation. It is an opportunity for them to embrace Indian culture through contemporary spheres of music and devotional dance gracefully and rhythmically.

Garba is a highly energetic, colourful, and vibrant dance form that honors, worships, and celebrates the feminine form of divinity. It is performed by Gujarati women in concentric circles, all repeating the same pattern of folk steps. It is full of speed, footwork, arm movements, and drum beats. It also includes a lot of clap-snap combinations, twirling in circles, bouncing, heavy rhythmic footwork, and circular formations coupled with hand gestures.

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