Dominic Pinney

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  • New Media
  • Contemporary

Born out of the anxieties following a nighttime collision my practice explores the affective resonances of city space, tied to the liminality and transformative nature of built environments. Working in sculpture, new media, and light-based installation I rely upon a sensitivity towards urban space. Through my work I find a sense of catharsis as I focus this awareness to discover new ephemera and beauty in the architecture and materiality of places in which I dwell, the fleeting beauty one can notice on a commute, and the cyclic play between the reality of city spaces and the ways in which they are represented in media and art. During the pandemic, as my way of making art shifted to accommodate my new living situation, so too did the ways in which I encountered and conceptualized my surroundings as I came to adjust to and embrace a new interiority. Blending fiction and reality, interior and exterior, the voyeur and the participant, to form an in-between place. My work causes the viewer to examine their own relationship to city spaces and question the affect of the built environment. 


Currently based in Hamilton, Ontario, I hold a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Art from the University of Windsor (2019), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the Alberta College of Art + Design (2017). 

Recent exhibitions and publications include: “Night Drive” in Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies (2021), Faster, the Light Fades,  in collaboration with Conrad Marion in North Bay ON (2020), Above the Belt, Below the Bush, curated by Minor Hockey Curatorial in North Bay ON (2019), I Dream of Electric Streets in Windsor ON (2019)

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