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Désiré Betty is a Toronto, Ontario based artist that has long explored the spiritual serenity that manifests itself through her artistic expression she calls ‘Perpetual Freedom Art’.

Her passion for the arts, led her to pursue a career in Architecture; broadening her quest for constant creativity from the canvas to the built environment. Although she was content in her profession in which she pursued her artistic career simultaneously, her artistic prowess was calling for her full attention. In late 2021, she took the leap of faith to fully commit to pursuing her professional artistic career and building the Désiré Betty Designs Trademark brand.

Since 2009, Désiré has exhibited in several solo and group shows, beautified communities with her public art, had her art published in several art magazines, and sold pieces to art enthusiasts around the world. Her compositions are focused mainly on figurative and portraiture art with complimentary abstract pieces. She explores the use of various mediums, such as acrylic ink, watercolor, and mixed media. Her work transcends borders, as there is an elegant juxtaposition between rigidity and fluidity. With her Architectural background, she has a knack for extremely fine detail, varying line weights, and precision, all while maintaining a dreamlike state of fluidity in the brush strokes; melding shapes and colours.


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