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Primarily self-taught, Sherry makes every effort to ‘tell a story’ through her art and poetry, whether quickly understood; subtle; or with deep meaning. Her hope is that everyone will enjoy the true grandeur of life as she sees and interprets subjects through her brushstrokes and words. Sherry was born and raised in the Southern Ontario countryside on fifteen acres of pristine forests and wetlands that sheltered multitudes of wildlife species. It was there, as a child, that Sherry became fascinated with everything Nature. She drew her inspiration to sketch, paint and write from the beauty she found in all aspects of the natural world and the value it provides to the observer.

In a recent turn of events, Sherry’s focus shifted from general wildlife paintings and writings to the urgent subject of Canada’s Endangered Species. Her new series, ‘Shades of Darkness’ takes a journey through Canada to hear Nature’s plea. This series, in its own haunting way, casts shadows on these ongoing perils, the fragility within and the gravity of this serious situation but it also shines with brightness and hope for the future of our magnificent flora, fauna and beautiful planet.

Sherry has set up a special program designed to assist with the preservation of our wild species and spaces. This artist’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. She has had the exceptional honour of receiving several personal letters of acknowledgement from prominent environmental and wildlife advocates including Dr. David Suzuki. Renowned as a decades long host of CBC TV’s ‘The Nature Of Things’, he is also widely recognized as a world leader in sustainable ecology and for having received numerous awards including a UNESCO prize for science and a United Nations Environment Program medal. Dr. Suzuki’s and other acknowledgements can be found on the artist’s website.

Sherry takes all of their kind and generous words seriously. She strives to fulfil her mission every day through her art, words and actions. Sherry's latest dedicated painting ‘White Shadows Of Darkness’ will hang on exhibition for a year in the Legislative Assembly Building in Toronto commencing late January, 2024. Visit Sherry's website to see her ‘Darkness’ series and donation commitment to her chosen local environmental/wildlife protection organizations. Sherry emphatically notes - "We must all be great stewards and do our part to save our beautiful, fragile wild species and spaces. Art tells their story... With the stroke of a brush ~ Their voices are heard. Together, we CAN. For them".

Stoney Creek/Hamilton

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