Arts For All (AFA)

  • Storytelling
  • Play
  • Musical
  • Drama
  • Performance Art
  • Play Writing
  • Musical Theatre
  • Play reading
  • Pantomime
  • Voice Acting
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Design
  • Videography
  • Multimedia
  • New Media
  • Ballet
  • Modern dance
  • Illustrations
  • Children


Arts For All (AFA) contributes to the healthy development of our citizens by employing practicing artists, mentoring emerging artists, providing families with vital arts experiences, and hiring local students and graduates to work as Mentors, Apprentices, Trainees and Arts Educators. Since 1999, AFA has supported more than 60,000 children and youth.

Founded as Culture for Kids in the Arts by Vitek Wincza, AFA is a charitable organization of the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts. Through lived experiences, we recognize arts programs can motivate and inspire learning. AFA uses Education, Connection, and Inspiration to ignite creativity and critical thinking and actions in future citizens and leaders. We create opportunities for Arts and Wonder to flourish, while fostering community building and well-being through accessible arts programming for families in greater Hamilton.

We create access to arts for everyone to inspire citizens and foster community wellness.

Our Purpose
Creating Arts Access for All.

Our Mission
Connecting Artists to Communities.

Our Vision
Inspiring Arts Everyday,
Everywhere for Everyone.

The Arts provides low-barrier access to explore ideas, issues and experiences. Processing life’s experiences and challenges through the Arts creates skill building opportunities – the open door to developing resilience, self-esteem, educational outcomes, self-esteem and discipline. Let’s not forget joy, that life-affirming feeling that leads us to many personal and professional discoveries over a lifetime.

We specialize in working with partners to be ‘art-ready’ – in space, in staff, in thought. AFA sees the arts as training for the future for all areas of life, not just artistic ventures. The Arts nourish a community’s assets, make organizations more innovative, stretch our imaginations and our possibilities.


Our commitment to this work is unwavering, and we welcome opportunities to learn so that we may better serve marginalized children, youth, and families within our communities. Please send us a message: call us at 905-528-4020 to share how Arts For All can further improve our anti-racism and anti-oppression practice.

AFA condemns the systemic racism that Black people, Indigenous Peoples, and members of other racialized groups experience and the systemic oppression experienced by members of equity-seeking groups, including 2SLGBTQ+ people and people living with disabilities.

AFA commits to actively working towards a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization. We recognize that diversity includes but is not limited to: gender identity, race, religion, culture, ethnicity, skills and experience, income, sexual orientation, ability, age, nationality, language.

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