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Apostoleas has to be seen to be believed:




As a collective of musicians, artists, and visual programmers; we formed in March 2020 to combine each member’s unique abilities into an audio and visual experience where we alter the signal of the music and the art for a live audience. We adapted our performance for social distance once the pandemic was in full force. With the help of a Hamilton Arts Council Grant we rented a large space and equipment and had one member participate off site and we presented a live streamed event for Hamilton Arts Week in June 2020. This performance was created by Deeps, Jeff Heisholt, Jim Ruxton, Avery Tanner, and Danielle Donville (Winterchild). We create soundscapes and visuals that react in real time to the music. We have completed one public performance and were a featured act in the Hamilton Spectator for the Hamilton Arts Week 2020. 


We value inclusivity. We are open to accepting members from any discipline, culture, heritage, gender, age, or socioeconomic background. We are currently working with musician/sculptor/painter Cesar Cordoba who is a landed Immigrant from Mexico and current artist in residence at the Cotton Factory.. We have plans for working with friends from the Six Nations. Our format is open and adaptable.


We are also real-time artists, meaning we create and interact with each other in real-time, with not a lot of pre-planning and rehearsal. We rehearse the technical side to make sure all of our equipment is functioning as desired.


Upon grant decree of grant we will make social profiles.  we are from a dream in a time of pressure.  we have something to offer ad hope you are game.


There is literally ~150 ears of experience going to be involved....it will be beuatiful....give us enough to make it great yah ?!


We will create profiles on at least two social media platforms and ensure there are plenty in attendance.



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