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Angela Josephine is a well-known fusion bellydancer in Hamilton, Ontario. Her expressive and evocative performances, in person and online, leave audiences breathless. As a soloist, she has graced the stage of many high caliber shows with world renowned dancers, across Canada and the United States. She is known by many as one of the top dancers of this style in Canada, gaining recognition from many of the pioneers of this dance form.

Angela’s training started in 2012 at Serpentine Studios in Halifax, and she now studies with Audra Simmons at The Dark Side Studio in Toronto and with Josh Taylor at DMD in Hamilton. She has been a member of Lavish Dance Company under Audra since 2015, and they have performed across the province. She has studied everything from raqs sharqi and fusion bellydance to experimental movement concepts. She continues to expand her dance knowledge and skill set by studying other genres such as waacking, voguing, waving and various hip hop styles.

Angela performs regularly in Hamilton at Glitter Super Amazing Art Exploding Show and in Toronto at The Dark Salon, both as a soloist and with her students. She has also been featured on stages in Las Vegas, Halifax and across Southern Ontario.

The recent move to online shows saw Angela excelling at producing high quality and artistic dance videos. She creates thoughtful and magical vignettes and plays with lighting, make up, and costuming to great effect. Her online performances include Glitter Super Amazing Art Explosion Show, Bellydance Brew, and Sidewalk Sounds. Her inventive video projects have been featured in shows based in Los Angeles, New York, Colorado and British Columbia. One of her dance films was selected to premiere in Colorado University Boulder’s [un]WRAP: Global Citizenship in Motion Show 2021. She was also selected to be a part of the #IAmStillAnArtist Project with Industry in Hamilton, Ontario. Most recently, her dance film “Without Ending” was selected to be a part of Branch Collective’s DANCE ONSCREEN dance film festival.

Expanding into show production, Angela produced and hosted her own show of dance collaborations called Connections in May 2021, which boasted a star-studded international cast of over 30 dancers. Coming up in October, Angela is producing and hosting The Haunting House at Studio Ethereal in Hamilton, featuring a number of local Hamiltonian performance artists.

In 2019 she was granted the Hamilton Arts Award for Emerging Artist in the Performing Arts category by the Hamilton Arts Council.

Currently, Angela teaches technical and choreographic workshops in her signature contemporary style at Mahasti – The Creative Emporium in Hamilton and at The Dark Side Studio in Toronto. She has also taught workshops on topics including compelling arms, creating contrast and dynamic movement, and sharing vulnerability, which were attended by professional dancers from across southern Ontario.

Catch Angela at Supercrawl 2022 as a guest choreographer and dancer in Enveno Motion with Eshe Yildiz.

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